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Ontem aconteceu a final do reality show Brasil Next Top Model, e a vencedora foi exatamente quem esperávamos; Mariana Velho. Desde o início do programa ela veio evoluindo e mostrando que podia ser o novo rosto da Ford Models. Após várias provas de fotografia e um desfile de Alexandre Herchcovitch, as duas finalistas (Ana Paula Bertolla e Mariana Velho) foram julgadas e finalmente se chegou a conclusão de que Mari é a melhor, a mais completa! Uhuuu, arrasou!!!Esperamos agora pela capa da revista Elle.

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Jair said...

HEllo, My Name is Jair and I'm from Honduras. I have to say that MAriana VElho really deserved to win this competition. Besides of being the most beautiful Model in the world, she has amazing skills that make her even more gorgeous. At her age she has whole bright future ahead of her. I wish her the best because she was my favorite model from the very beginning and now she's a TOP. I'm very happy for her because she's a very disciplined girl in everything she does. She's a really determined person and that's why she deserved more to be the winner of the show. Now she has to work even harder because her career is just beginning. I'm really sad now because I won't get to see her anymore. She was the only reason I saw that show and now I think I'll never see her pretty face that made me smile automatically.Seriously I think she's more stunning than watching a daylight in Bahia,Salvador. And I think that your kind of beauty is the one that even when you get old you would never cease to amaze me.Bye Mariana Souza Silva VElho, don't forget there's a guy your age here in Honduras that would die just to see you happy. I hope God keeps you safe and healthy everytime of your life. In case you or anyone that knows you sees this, my mail is in case you or anyone related to you could write me to tell me how you have been doing these days. I said all that with all my heart because I think you are the greatest woman I have ever seen. Merry Xmas and a happy New Year to you and all your family MAriana VElho.

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